About the Blog
  • "Don't you dare stop writing these recaps.  If you do I may have to resort to crying like a little girl." - Stephanie, reader
  • "Don't you guys have jobs?" - Everyone we know.
  • "This is awesome.  Way to go guys."  - Lisa, reader
  • "Any great art work ... revives and readapts time and space, and the measure of its success is the extent to which it makes you an inhabitant of that world - the extent to which it invites you in and lets you breath its strange, special air." - Leonard Bernstein
  • "Hahaha hilarious!  I discovered your site today and I read all your bachelor recaps.  This is the first season I have watched it, btw :D I love that you are witty and funny without being vulgar.  Keep it up :)" - Anonymous, reader
  • "YES of course she wants a man to be her daddy.  Ali's requirement that her husband love her "unconditionally" and always stand by her "no matter what" clearly shows HER need for that as well as her naivete and immaturity."  - Anonymous, reader
  • "Thanks for a very satisfying read.  You covered everything I was thinking about while watching the game and did it better."  - George, reader
  • "Was Kevin Stevens really that fat?" - Anonymous, actual reader
  • "This is totally hilarious and I knew nothing of Justin Bieber."  Mal, reader
  • "The guy posting as Artistry is so friggin funny and sarcastic at times ... I've dubbed him The Sarcasm czar! - Anonymous, reader
  • "Does anyone else think this is better than Reality Steve?  I am a dedicated RS reader, but this is hilarious.  It captures the absurdity of the show.  I'm definitely bookmarking this site."  Anonymous, reader
  • "You guys are one of the two PGH blogs I have bookmarked, and the other one is kind of a big deal.  You guys will be there soon if you keep bringing it like this." - Anonymous, reader
  • "This article is the most self-serving, biased piece of crap I've ever read." Anonymous, reader
  • "I gotta tell you. Stacie and I started watching the Bachelor because if GTOG. Hilarious. Fine work." - James, reader
  • "Has Artistry been nominated for a Pulitzer in sports journalism yet?" - Anonymous, reader

About the Podcast
  • "I literally was laughing out loud several times."  - Anonymous, listener
  • "Who has 40 minutes to listen to a podcast?" - Finesse's Mom
  • "I really enjoyed the podcast." - Artistry's Dad
  • "I was hesitant to listen to the podcast since I can't do it at work but I finally took the time to do it during my morning coffee and it was well worth it. Such raw emotion. Such banter." - Rebecca, Superfan
  • "I really enjoyed the podcast.  I told a guy who lives in Hershey to listen." - Finesse's Dad
  • "I downloaded a NY Rangers podcast and tried to listen to it.  Horrible.  So so bad.  I had to turn it off after 5 minutes.  I could definitely listen to yours though." - Rangers Fan, listener
  • "Can you either leave the room or keep it down so I can do some actual work?" - Mrs. Artistry