Get To Our Game, affectionately called GTOG, is home to the best content on the Internet.  We give you the Web's freshest and smartest take on your favorite sports teams -- with a slant toward the Pens and Steelers -- as well as thorough analysis of bad television shows, movies, and pretty much any other topic we feel like covering.  We may not be a one-stop-shop for all the news you need, but we hope to be the best.*

Who We Are

For reasons we don't even understand and haven't thought through, we don't use our real names on this site.  So, naturally, we decided to adopt as aliases words that come to mind when we see old Mario Lemieux highlights. 

Artistry, author/co-founder: A husband, father, and overall calming presence for the blog.

Finesse, author/co-founder: Not a husband, not a father, but also pretty calm.

Daniel Marcus, chief musical officer: The amazing talent who brought you Mullet Man, Sushi with Hilary Duff, and the Paul Martin Powerball jingle. Check out his work at www.dmarcusmusic.com

[Props go out as well to Eloquence and Poise, who were instrumental in the blog's creation and are welcome to post any time]

Now that you're here, GTOG Everybody!