Tuesday, October 28, 2014

PODCAST: Pens rolling; Ben plays his greatest game in Steelers win

Talking Pens and some Steelers. And some fake interviews of the Pens and Steelers captains. It's the GTOG Podcast.

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1 comment:

  1. I've figure out nothing about this team yet - they are almost as hard to read as the Steelers, if decidedly more talented. I will say this, though: it took Johnston half a game to figure out a way around the Devils trap. DB couldn't manage it in 5 years.

    Your Anthony Davis conversation cracked me up, though. The only entire BB that I have ever watched was Kentucky's championship game - and that was mostly because it was projected on a building across the street from my apt. I still regularly see "Fear the Brow" t-shirts; the entire city shut down for the Harrison twins' announcement about their decision to stay for year 2.

    But I will stand firm in my disinterest in the sport - despite getting quizzed and mocked the other day at the grocery store by 2 cashiers and a bagger. One spotted my canvas bag with a Penguin on it: "You're a hockey fan? Around here." Though that was a step up from the time I had to explain whose logo it was.