Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Podcast: Talking Pens and free agency, the Neal trade, Crosby's awkwardness, and some other stuff

(This one is a little slow to load ... just stick with it).

Here's the Ovechkin/Crosby video we talk about on the podcast:

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  1. I've been waiting for y'all to weigh in on the last couple of weeks.

    Re: more moves - I think the Pens are in a really good position right now. Playoff ready, probably not. But this team has a good many question marks, the most important being: will Duper be able to fill a role in the top-6? Will Beau? How much will Ollie regress after surgery?

    I can't imagine making more moves until you know the answers to those questions. How do you know what move to make? R or L wing? For Sid or Geno? Perhaps you can trade a d-man if Ollie progresses despite the surgery. Maybe Beau breaks out, Duper looks good, and you can target a 3rd line center. Make your move in December once some of these questions are answered, and you are going to make a much more effective deal. Surely, we all think the Pens can make the playoffs with the line-up as is.

    Let's also be clear about what GMJR said about the trade: he didn't pinpoint Hornqvist as the only candidate. He said he talked to 15 teams to find the best fit. 15. The Pens absolutely needed the type of player PH is, far more than they needed one like James Neal. Not only can he go to the net, he can do the dirty work on the boards. During the Ranger series, the Geno line (once he was put back with Neal and JJ) got hemmed in the defensive zone repeatedly for entire shifts. Neal is useless in those situations and it dramatically impacted the ability of that line to score. No one will acknowledge it.

    The Pens went out with the intention of better balancing the forward line-up. And they did it. They needed a grittier top line winger to play on the line Kunie doesn't. And they got one. These are exactly - exactly - the problems everyone pointed out. And the fan bases response - having spent a year bitching about how top-heavy the team was - is to insist on a trade for a high priced winger (Kane or whoever) that will make the team even top-heavier than last year and likely decimate depth on both the front and back end in the return. It's just nuts to me.

    This team will score plenty: no team will generate offense from the back-end like this line-up will. And we may actually see a system that prioritizes puck support over 70 ft passes for the other team to pick off. The Pens put up top-10 offensive numbers despite losing 500 MG and scoring only off the rush because their system was horrible. So lets chill until Dec/Jan when we can actually know what holes might need filled.

  2. My line-up to start the season, with the assumption that you'll likely need a forward before the deadline:
    9-87-72 (Hornqvist)
    13 (Spaling)-16-23 (Downie)
    17 (Comeau)-57-27

    41-? (Let Dumoulin, Scuds, and Harrington fight it out.)

    I think moving 14 to Geno's line keeps him happy, and my gut says Hornqvist will play better with Sid. Sid's line needs smart, quick players that can do a little of everything. Geno's line needs balance: a mucker in Kunie, a playmaker in Beau, and a sniper in Geno. (I'd like to see Geno start thinking of himself as the primary shooter on his line again.)

    Eventually, I'd like to see Duper drop to the 3rd line and Maatta to play in the top 4, depending on how he looks when he returns. It also makes me gag to pencil Adams in the line-up, but I'm not sure who in WBS might be able to play RW. I'd love to say Sill, but I'm not sure if he can play wing as well as C.

  3. yinz are right about the contract sutter is going to get and, confession cam, i hate sutter so much that it's going to take all my restraint to not actively root against the team when they sign him. let's give pyatt $2.5 million a year while we're busy signing detriments to the team.

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  5. I like to think of Crosby as being suave and witty, but man...he's so awkward in that clip.

  6. I think the Crosby's injury is bullshit. It was "leaked" by his agent. I think the delayed release of this injury news was genius. This is just another excuse from the Peyton Manning of hockey. No surprise that he won't have surgery. Nothing to fix. The guy was magically dominant in 2-3 game, was the wrist just not hurting that night?