Friday, May 16, 2014

The Curb Your Enthusiasm scene that eerily resembles Pens ownership expecting someone else to probably fire Dan Bylsma

We understand how Larry feels at the end of this clip.

Is there a reason Mario and Burkle can't get the sponge?

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  1. (from the web) on Shero

    Or, he could’ve just drafted better. Since the 2008 draft, the Penguins haven’t selected a single player that has gone on to participate in at least 100 NHL games.

    Using Chicago as a comparison again, the ‘Hawks have drafted three forwards since 2008 that have surpassed the 100-game mark: Andrew Shaw, Brandon Saad, and Marcus Kruger. Ben Smith is just shy with 95 regular-season contests — which is still more than any Penguins drafted player (Simon Despres, 85) has managed over that span.

    All four of those Blackhawks were taken after the first round. Since 2008, the Penguins have just one non-first round pick that has played in at least 15 NHL games: Ben Hanowski, who’s no longer with the organization.