Sunday, May 4, 2014

Podcast: Pens win, 3-0; Series tied at 1-1

Maybe the Pens' most complete performance of the playoffs.  Series ties at 1-1.

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1 comment:

  1. This team deserves credit for being mentally much stronger than the teams of the past couple of years. Rather than melting down, they have put their heads down and overcome whatever difficult situation they were faced with: 2 goal deficit; 3 early penalties; down in a series; bad loss in a previous game. The whole down has been waiting for the implosion, but I'm beginning to buy in. They may not go as far as last year's team, and I think I'd still feel better about this season than last.

    Even Neal seems completely in control of what he is doing: I'm perfectly content if he wants to become the Pens Milan Lucic. He already has the reputation, and he certainly got under the Rangers' skin. This team needs that, provided he's smart about it. And I think he has been. Maybe Bob gave him some lessons on trolling when they went deep-sea fishing together over Olympic break.

    Lundqvist looked exhausted by the end of the game, brilliant as he played. I expected the Pens to score on that final PP. They can break him tonight, if they play anywhere close to how they played last night. Big, big opportunity.