Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Podcast: We've seen this movie before. Pens, Fleury blow Game 4, 4-3

The Pens were outplayed for the final 40 minutes, but just when it looked like they might escape ... Fleury happened.  We discuss it all on the GTOG Podcast.

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  1. amazing that your readers call me 'insanely idiotic' when i commented a few days ago about maf being awful. well, my boy always comes thru with some bad goals. the 2 last night are unspeakable. as is coach's decision to keep him in the nets for OT. he is mentally unstable in the springtime. sadly he has ZERO help from 2 of the best players in the world. ZERO HELP. Sadly, we have no alternative. My boy Vokoun won't be on the ice when they need him most...

    1. even pee wee goalies know a) not to come out of the net with 22 seconds left in the game and b) how to stop a shot from the blue line in OT (that is if there even was OT in pee wee hockey!)

    2. Do we know if Vokoun is actually healthy enough to play? If he is, it's hard to argue that even a rusty Tomas Vokoun would be any more of a wild-card than Fleury.