Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Pens beat Caps again, 2-0; Here are some Caps fans trolling the Caps

By Finesse (follow me on Twitter)

Artistry and I learned our lesson the hard way in 2010.  After Jaroslav Halak brought the Montreal Canadiens back from a 3-1 series defecit to stun the President's Trophy winning Caps, he and I sat by the window at a Starbucks in downtown Washington, D.C. looking at people walking by and debating how upset we thought they were.  Much of this was done because it's just funny when the Caps lose, but a bigger part of it was a sense of relief that the Pens wouldn't have to play a loaded Caps team.  But then the Pens fell to the same Habs team, and it was a sobering reminder that the hockey Gods are always listening.  No matter how fun it is to troll the Caps -- and hooooo boy, is it ever fun -- nothing good can come from it.

So we're not going to troll the Caps today.  We'll let Caps fans do that.  After the jump, check out some selected comments from various Caps message boards.

From RMNB:

From Japer's Rink;

From The Washington Post:

More from The Washington Post:


  1. Teams: Thank you for not game-planning against Crosby.

    1. Their time in the film room is much better spent planning to intercept all of Craig Adams' clearing attempts.

    2. Those final comments about Sid were hilarious, so thanks for that. My god - the handshake. Still. After five years. To be fair, though, it doesn't look the the Caps have done too much game-planning to shut down 87.

      My other observation is how differently fans of other teams interpret the Pens performance than the Pens fans do. I can't say how many times I've read comments similar to that one about these teams being on different trajectories in the past few days. Can't say I think this team is a champion, but it is nice to see something other than the perpetual hang-wringing that has come out of Pittsburgh for the last 2 months or so. We still have a pretty good hockey team to watch, flaws, injuries, and all.

      Clearly the boys enjoyed being home again: first time in ages they looked like they had some real jump and wanted to fight for pucks instead of immediately backing to defensive position. There's a reason this team has the best home record in the league. This weekend will tell us a lot more about where this team is headed than these past two games did, though: so bring on the orange-and-black asshats.

    3. The last 3 are all the same commenter. The rest are worth the read. This person holds the belief that Crosby took himself out of Game 7 against Detroit for selfish reasons.

      Your guess is as good as mine.

    4. I'm going to put forth the theory that these hockey fans have very little knowledge of sports injuries. I'd guess that in the locker room Sid probably got a fantastic shot of cortizone to the knee. That would have easily put him back on his feet- plus the adrenalin from winning the Stanley Cup? I bet no one on that team was feeling any pain. Poor Caps fans, reliving an event that didn't involve their team at all...Oh, it makes me smile.

  2. There is a belief among Pens fans that the 3rd line will be shored-up when BoBo returns from his wrist injury. A lot of people on HF Boards are saying that a 3rd line of Goc, Sutter, and Bennett would be playoff caliber. To that i respond, "So Soft." That would honestly be the softest 3rd line in hockey history. Those guys weigh less than 500 pounds collectively.

    With all that said, watch this be the year that they make a run to the cup. To borrow a line from Denny Green, the last few years we wanted to crown the Pens asses after the trade deadline. Maybe this year we sneak in to the finals under the radar.