Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Great explanation of the real problem with Brandon Sutter

By Finesse (follow me on Twitter)

From @LyleKossis comes the most definitive -- or at least my personal favorite -- examination of Brandon Sutter's biggest failing: his inability to relieve any burden from Sidney Crosby or Evgeni Malkin.  It's over at Pensburgh and is definitely worth a read.  My favorite snippet (other than the part where he quotes GTOG):
You can see that Bylsma tried to use [Sutter] in a shutdown role with Staal's old linemates. Sutter also had a low zone start, indicating a lot of defensive zone usage. But while Staal was a positive possession player, Sutter was getting crushed. Bylsma (who I don't think is an idiot) would have seen this and thought "Sutter can't handle Staal's minutes, so to avoid continuously making him a liability to this team, I'm going to adjust the match-ups."
Sounds about right.

The advanced metrics and the eye test are in perfect alignment here.


  1. Can someone please explain why Goc is not on the third line. Sutter can be effective but he needs help. I'm not sure who the other forward should be on the third line time will tell. I know Bylsma is not an idiot and he likes to roll 4 lines but this team does not have the depth to do that against good teams.

    1. When all lines are healthy, I think the Pens WILL be able to roll 4 lines:

      Granted, the bottom 6 is almost Charmin Soft, Goc and Sutter both need to be centers. I think the coaching staff has finally acknowledged this as Goc is such a great face-off man/defensive center. Moving Goc and Sutter to the same line is misguided and makes that 4th line even worse.

  2. Really impressive lengthy quotation of GTOG without attributing the quote to GTOG. Great work, fellow "one blogger."

    1. Sorry about that, I linked to the article here at GTOG now.

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