Thursday, January 30, 2014

Jeff Zatkoff is out for revenge against the LA Kings, or something

Big game tonight against the Kings.  They're about as deep as it gets, and they have great goaltending.  They're the Bruins of the Western Conference.  So, naturally, Dan Bylsma picks this game as the one Jeff Zatkoff starts, rather than starting him this past Monday against the horrific Buffalo Sabres or this coming Saturday against the mediocre Arizona Coyotes.  The justification?

To summarize: Jeff Zatkoff is returning to face the organization that realized Jeff Zatkoff is an AHL goalie.

Only this time, it's personal.

This is actually a GIF showing Jeff Zatkoff's lateral movement in real time.
- In other news, Tanner Glass is getting a lot of attention for his 13-hit effort in Dallas last week and then the empty net goal and assist he had against the Buffalo Sabres, the worst team in the NHL by infinity.  Here comes Tanner Glass!

- Should the Pens try to buy low on Bryan Bickell?  Yes.  All he needs to do is get to his game.

- Fun stat: In his first 9 games against San Jose, Mario had 39 points.


  1. GTOG has the BEST photo captions.

    Trade deadline stuff:

    1. I think the Pens should try to avoid adding new players to the system so close to the playoffs. I feel last year showed what can happen when there isn't enough time for adjustments.

    2. Maybe the time off to heal from injuries will result in fresher legs at playoff time.

    3. Any chance Letang would be offered in a trade? His up-side is fun to watch but his down-side is a liability. One step forward, one step back.

    4. Also, if Letang isn't very coachable how does that affect the Pens' game plan? I don't want the Pens to become Devilesque but I want the Pens to get another Cup. How about a sports psychologist for every player during the playoffs? Might reduce meltdowns.

    5. Finally, I would prefer 'hockey trades' instead of losing so many draft picks. Young depth is too important.

  2. There is truly nothing wrong with this post. I read it yesterday and agreed with basically everything here. Nobody on any plane of existence figured that Quick would play like Rick DiPietro, or that Jeff Zatkoff would stop 30 of 31, or that Tanner Glass would score on a Datsuykian backhand.

    Yet after what transpired last night, is this perhaps the least prescient post in GTOG history?

    1. It's up there, but I'm betting we've done worse.

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