Sunday, December 22, 2013

Steelers emerge from 90 car pileup unscathed; somehow have reasonable chance of making the playoffs

I don't know what that was I just watched, but I know it was a huge clusterf**k.  There were bizarre calls by the refs, horrifying decisions by the quarterbacks, and timeouts that were more awkward than Ben's next vacation to Lake Tahoe.  It was played, coached, and managed as if it was a Choose Your Own Adventure book.  But somehow, someway, the Steelers emerged with a win and a realistic chance at making the playoffs next week if everyone else in the AFC goes 8-8.  Which looks entirely possible.

There's no need to break down all the crazy / weird / terrible plays in this game, but one stands out above all.  When the refs spotted the ball on 2nd down with 10 seconds left in the 4th quarter at the Steelers' 6 yard line, Matt Flynn WAITED SIX SECONDS TO SNAP THE BALL!  And obviously, after he threw one incomplete pass, the game was over.  How he could possibly let six seconds tick off the clock an give himself only one shot at the endzone is beyond me, but is clearly the explanation for why some guys are stars and others are backups.  When you're analyzing clock management, just ask yourself what Tom Brady or Peyton Manning would do ... and if they answer is obvious, and your quarterback didn't do that, then your quarterback did the wrong thing.  Imagine Brady or Manning waiting six seconds to snap the ball.  It's laughable.  

Anyway, the Steelers' dream season lives on and should all the right dominoes fall, the Steelers could be facing a totally winnable wild card game in Cincinnati or Indianapolis.  

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