Thursday, December 19, 2013

Pumping the brakes on the Brandon Sutter hype ... sort of

By Finesse (follow me on Twitter)

Brandon Sutter scored a beautiful goal last night after undressing Michael Del Zotto, but here's why I'm a little hesitant to declare that he's turned some kind of corner.

Great goal.
After allowing Sutter to march right through him 6 minutes into the 3rd period, Del Zotto didn't take another shift for almost four minutes and actually only played two more shifts the entire 3rd period.  Put simply, Del Zotto got benched for letting Sutter do that to him.  If the NHL were Little League, Sutter would be the guy who when he came to the plate, the opposing manager screamed to the outfielders, "MOVE IN! EVERYONE MOVE IN!" and Del Zotto would be the pitcher who let Sutter hit a home run anyway.  When a Sutter goal isn't greeted with shock by Pens fans and embarrassment by the opponent, then we're talking.

But maybe we're getting closer?  After all, Sutter has played only 84 games as a Penguin, and Dan Bylsma's system has not exactly proven to be the easiest system to pick up.  If he's ever going to be close to what was promised, the time to do that would be right now.  So let's consider this the official start of Sutter's second season with the Pens.

(Would it be overly negative to point out that Brandon Sutter is still the biggest drag on the team in the advanced stat stuff?  Sorry, I know, I know.)

Go Pens.  And yes, Sutter, too.


  1. I feel you Finesse, and I agree with the general GTOG perspective on Sutter. He's like a weak handshake. I bet you he actually has a weak handshake. Grosses me out just thinking of it. But you have to admit that he's stepped up in the past week or so in terms of overall passion/compete level. I'm much more excited about that than the goal which, while fun to watch, is probably not predictive of any future occurrences whatsoever.

  2. He probably wouldn't have scored if Lundqvist had poke-checked him.