Friday, November 29, 2013

Steelers finally put Two-Point play on tape; lose to Ravens, 22-20

By Finesse (follow me on Twitter)

Almost a year after deciding not to go for a two point conversion against the San Diego Chargers because he "didn't want to put [it] on tape,"  Mike Tomlin finally unveiled the special play against the Baltimore Ravens last night.  Unfortunately, there is now (more) tape of Emmanuel Sanders dropping what was a tough -- but very catch-able -- game-tying pass.

The quick summary of the game is that the Steelers were terrible for a half, clawed their way back late, never got the back-breaking turnover they needed from Joe Flacco, and came up a Young Change Purse drop (or two) short of having a legitimate shot at getting a wild card spot in the AFC playoffs.  Now the season is basically over, unless the Steelers win out and about six other crappy teams in the AFC go 8-8.  The latter is likely; the former is not.

Mike Tomlin has done an admirable job of covering kickoffs and keeping a fairly untalented team very competitive.  Early in the season when the Steelers were 0-4, there was a lot of talk about how it would be great if the team bottomed out and got a top-5 pick in the draft.  But there's something to be said for the idea that losing breeds more losing.  The Steelers pride themselves -- deservedly so -- on always being competitive and never being embarrassing.  After starting 0-4, that pride was in serious jeopardy.  Though the Steelers almost certainly won't make the playoffs, they never stopped playing like they thought they could.  There have been embarrassing moments along the way, and there may still be more to come.  But Tomlin & Ben & the Lord Ben Points To have put to rest any notion that the franchise itself is becoming an embarrassment just because they may not make the playoffs.

The Pittsburgh Steelers: Always lurking.


  1. A few pens comments:

    1. Sutter is making you both eat crow. Guy is a playing like a decent, dare I say good, 3rd line center. His numbers are better than staal and he is scoring despite his scrub linemates.

    2. Do the pens have anyone in the ahl over 5' 5"??? Everyone they call up is a midget.

    3. Where the Malkin haters at now?

    On to the steelers, tomlins excuse about not putting the 2 point conversion on tape was the most ludicrous thing I've ever heard. The guy just can't do math.

    Guy most be a great motivator because his in-game coaching and clock management skills are atrocious.

  2. If I'm eating crow because Brandon Sutter, in his past 7 games, has 1 goal (which was complete luck), 1 assist, and is a -1, then guess what? I'm still pretty hungry.

  3. Apologize for the poor grammar and spelling above. Wrote that on my iPhone.

    1. In 12 minutes of 5-on-5 ice time against Florida, Sutter was not on the ice for even a single shot attempt by the Pens (on net, blocked, or missed). He was on the ice for 18 attempted shots against, though.

      But yeah, he's great.

  4. Sutter has had 5 goals since October 30th. He will be a 20 goal scorer if he stays on the pace. Not to mention that Tanner Glass was his most skilled linemate over that period. He is playing with guys that shouldn't even be in the NHL right now. Regarding the rest of your argument, you are just cherrypicking.

    1. You said he was playing like a good 3rd line center, and all I did was point out was that his most recent goal was pure luck (on a pass that would have easily been intercepted), and in his most recent game, he was not on the ice for a single shot ATTEMPT in over 12 minutes.

      He has 5 goals since October 30th, ok. Or you could say he has 1 extremely lucky goal since November 18th (7 games). The fact that he stands out to you as playing better despite not actually doing anything productive for the past 7 games shows just how low he's set the bar.

      I'll give you that his linemates are really bad (that's your best argument that Sutter is actually redeemable) and that he has played marginally better in November than in October. But good 3rd line centers don't go entire months being invisible or entire games without generating an attempted shot on goal.