Thursday, November 28, 2013

Pens out-entertain Leafs, win 6-5; Crosby vs. Malkin?

By Finesse

Breaking down the Pens' 6-5 win over the Leafs would be an exercise in frustration and contradiction.  We'd want to slam Kris Letang at the same time we're praising him for getting 3 points.  We'd want to rip the team for giving up 5 goals, but praise them for holding Toronto to ZERO SHOTS in the 3rd period and overtime (that's unreal).  We'd want to say that this isn't a formula for success in the playoffs, but then we'd challenge you to name a team in the East that could keep up in a track meet with the Pens when Malkin and Crosby are on their game (hint: no teams).

So really, all there is to do with the game last night is take it for what it was: pure entertainment.  And a nice 2 points.

But speaking of Malkin and Crosby ... right now they're 1-2 in scoring, with Geno 3 points behind Sid.  Since they both surpassed 100 points in 2008-09, this is all we've wanted  --- for the two most gifted players in the game to both be at their peak at the same time, pushing each other (in a friendly way) for the title of best player in the game.  This is when any debate about which guy is better is completely pointless.  Let's just sit back and enjoy watching them sort it out.  On the ice.

A debate where everyone can win.

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  1. Byslma moved Engelland to Foward once. Would Letang as a winger be less of a liability on the D?