Sunday, October 27, 2013

Podcast: What's up with the Pens' 3-game losing streak, and are the Steelers watchable?

We discuss the Pens' 3-game losing streak, what to expect from Kris Letang, more reasons Brandon Sutter isn't good, and the Islanders trading for Tomas Vanek. We also discuss the Steelers' loss in Oakland and whether there is anything redeemable about this team.


  1. Love the perspective guys...I would quibble, though, with Finesse's assertion that there are no surprises in the NHL so far. Even for the most jaded (sure, they could up and lose 12 of 20), Colorado's season to date is certainly unexpected.

    1. Doesn't Colorado sort of prove the point? They're not a particularly good team - we saw that when they were here. They've implemented the "hover around the goaltender and pray" strategy that relies exclusively on system and very little on skill. And for all we heard about the wonderful young talent in Colorado's line-up, we sure didn't see it. The game was utterly flavorless and borderline unwatchable. (As a side note, I don't expect Colorado's success to last for that reason. There's no way they get the kind of goaltending they've been getting long term. And the minute that wobbles, the whole thing is coming down.)

    2. To be fair to me, which should always be the prime consideration, that was Artistry who said that nothing surprising happens early in the season. My point (I think) was that even if something is surprising now -- like Philly's terrible start or Colorado's great start -- it isn't necessarily predictive of how these teams will be playing in spring.

      The Pens definitely outplayed the Avs. Giguere stood on his head, and the PP was mud.

      Giguere could be a really attractive option as MAF's backup if Vokoun doesn't come back...