Wednesday, October 23, 2013

How will you feel when Martin Brodeur is on the Penguins later this season?

By Finesse (follow me on Twitter)

It's never too early to emotionally prepare for the inevitable.

The Devils stink.  Possibly the worst team in the league.

The Pens need another goalie.

The Devils got Cory Schnieder to be their goalie of the future.  He's also, apparently, their goalie of right now.

Martin Brodeur understands, but isn't thrilled.

He wants to play.

He wants to play in big games.

The Pens will play in a lot of big games.

His salary (4.5M, expires after this season) is not prohibitive with smart cap management (which the Pens have).

He has a no trade clause so, should the Devils decide to get something for him, he can determine his destination and that team won't have to pay a ransom for him.

He shares an agent with ... wait for it ... keep waiting ... a little longer ... Sidney Crosby.

All of it makes too much sense.  (Except for the fact that his stats in 2 games this season are awful).

No idea yet how I'd feel about this, especially since we don't know if he's still good.

All I'm saying is that it's not too soon to start thinking about it.


  1. Like I said via Twitter, it would be the equivalent of my birthday and Christmas all in one. I'd spend his first day as a Penguin celebrating in my favorite bar. Cannot imagine any hockey signing that would make me happier.

  2. he should have bowed out gracefully when he had the chance. i'd be as about as excited if brett favre came out of retirement. this is no country for old men.