Friday, October 11, 2013

GTOG EXCLUSIVE: Photos of Steelers' locker room before Mike Tomlin decided to ban all games prove that Tomlin was right

By Finesse (follow me on Twitter)

It started a few weeks ago when the 08ers gathered the troops and made them stare at pictures of the 08ers holding the Lombardi trophy. Then Ben, Ryan, Troy, Key and the other generals took away the locker-room game-playing privileges of anyone with less than four years of experience in the league.  But this Leadership only Led to Mike Adams and Marcus Gilbert physically assisting defense linemen on their path to sack Ben.

Everything had been tried, yet something still had to be done.

Enter General Tomlin, Commander in Chief of the Men, the Boys, the Obviouslys, the What Have Yous, the Things of That Natures, and the What Nots.  Not since Truman seized the mills in '51 has a Man asserted more control over Steel as Mike Tomlin did yesterday when, to turn around the team's embarrassing 0-4 start, he took the unprecedented step of seizing all locker room games - including obviously the ping-pongs and the pools and things of that nature -- and forbidding anyone, including the 05ers and the 08ers, from playing them.

Ryan Clark (an 08er) is just not tripping about any of it.

WELL YOU KNOW WHAT, RYAN?  GTOG is tripping about it, and we're tripping about it because the truth is that MIKE TOMLIN IS RIGHT.  The Steelers' locker-room, pre-Battle of Tomlingrad, was a free-for-all.  A zoo.  A jungle gym.  A Chuck E. Cheese.

And no, we don't mean that metaphorically.  The Steelers' locker room was actually a Chuck E. Cheese.

We've obtained EXCLUSIVE photos of the Steelers' locker room at various points over the first four games of the season.  Have a look, and then you tell us whether you still think Tomlin deserves to be mocked?

Here are the Steelers making halftime adjustments during the loss to the Chicago Bears:

Before the Titans game, David and Maurkice relax with a game of Twister in the training room:

Coach turns to a familiar face to mentor the running backs:

Todd Haley makes an example out of a dollhouse to motivate the offense against Cincinnati:

And if you still aren't convinced that Tomlin was right, consider: is it really smart to let injured vets continue playing games in the locker room?

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