Sunday, June 30, 2013

Reports of New Letang Deal: Keep Your Eye on the NTC

By Artistry

Twitter is exploding at this hour with reports that the Penguins and Kris Letang are finalizing an extension.
That $7.25M cap hit is higher than we're comfortable with, but not significantly so. The primary sticking point is the no-trade clause. No one -- not us, not you, not Ray Shero, not any of the pundits who will tell you what they think of the numbers -- has any idea what this deal will look like two years from now. Letang may be a steal at $7.25M or an absolute albatross. The key is whether the Penguins can move him. And if there really is a 15 team NTC in the agreement, they'll have that option.

Totally understand if you have mixed feelings.
As sexy as the thought was of getting a treasure trove of assets in return for a guy with less composure than a rabid squirrel, this is probably the right move. You don't win a Stanley Cup without an elite defenseman. And nobody questions that Letang is one of the Top 10 defenseman in the league. That's a hole the Pens couldn't possibly fill, probably for years to come.

In other news, Pascal Dupuis is about to walk. As predicted.

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