Thursday, June 6, 2013

Podcast: Pens fall, 2-1, in heartbreaking loss

Pens fall 2-1 in double OT. A heartbreaker. Pushed to the brink of elimination.

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Story of our lives right now.


  1. Day off tomorrow. Actually listened to this. Thoughts.

    1) Series over. Just realistic. Kept thinking Rask just needed to be beat and the flood gates would open. Hasn't happened, can't expect it to now.

    2) Sid is lost. Hard to beleive it's an injury. 8 days off, so all should be healed enough.

    3) Beau earned his spot tonight. Top 6 next year, easily.

    4) At this point, throw in Despres. Get him the experience, even if it is losing. He needs to feel this...

    5) Malkin... Can't doubt his effort. He owned the game. Not even a question.

    6) Of all the changes, despite Letang's Can't-be-traded status, he's also the most valuable right now, trade-wise. Pens need a solid defense and their offense will come through, playing the odds. Trade him for some solid defense/wingers. Tough call on Fleury right now. He's in a bad place right now. Trade? Buyout? Don't even want to think about it, but can't help it right now....

    1. 1) Hard to believe otherwise.

      2) Definitely three straight bad games. No idea if it's an injury, hesitancy from dropping the jaw guard, the Bruins, or just bad games, but he hasn't been as good as he needs to be. Got significantly better as the game went on last night, except on the powerplay. For guys not getting a ton of space at 5-on-5, usually the PP is a way to feel the puck and get into the game (like a FT for a struggling shooter in basketball). Sid wasn't good on the PP.

      3) Agree. Pens have been missing youthful energy.

      4) Can't coach as if the series is lost. DB has to dress whoever he thinks gives him best chance at winning game 4. Maybe it's Despres, although Engelland has been serviceable the past two games.

      5) Terrific effort from Geno. Not knocking the guy at all, but you can't mention the 21 shot attempts without also mentioning that none of them went in. Needs more finish.

      6) This series hasn't answered the question about what to do with 58 and/or 71 in the offseason, but it has shown that the Pens would be irresponsible to not consider every option with both of those guys. Shopping them doesn't mean you SHOULD trade them, but have to at least explore what the return would be.

      As for Flower, that ship has sailed. He's probably played his last game as a Penguin.


    really... beau bennett on sid's line in game 3 of the conf finals.... come on disco dan. you were good while we had ya, you inherited a great team but at the end of the day don't have much to show for it. pens egos need a kick in the ass!