Monday, June 3, 2013

A (semi) bold prediction for tonight's Pens game

By GTOG Staff 

We've discussed the evaporation of Brandon Sutter's offensive game as much as anybody, and maybe even too much. His defense has been adequate, but it appears to have come at the total expense of his offensive play.  He plays like Dale Hunter coaches: Do only one thing at a time and don't ever do anything else. And maybe own only one suit.

They told us we'd love you. Make us love you.
We discussed whether to call for Sutter to be a healthy scratch, and then we discussed whether to go the other way and guarantee that Brandon Sutter will score tonight on the following premise:

The former seems one game premature (yes, only one game premature) and the latter seems irresponsible given its unlikelihood. So we've settled on a more reasonable compromise that you can take to the bank:

If Brandon Sutter scores tonight, the Penguins will win.*

*If he doesn't, the Pens will still win.

Huge game tonight. LGP.

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  1. so nervous i'm a little sick. we've finally arrived at the Stanley Cup Playoffs.