Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Three GIFs of Marc-Andre Fleury scoring on himself in Pens 6-4 loss to the Islanders

Click here to read our recap discussing Fleury's atrocious play.

In the meantime, here's Marc-Andre Fleury scoring on himself.

Ok then.


  1. Oh, I thought it was three separate goals (and I'm a pens fan who watched the game)

  2. Being out of the area, I'm not able to watch as many Pens games as I'd like, but every time I watch Fleury play, I'm irresistibly reminded of that one kid from soccer. You know who I mean. The kid who is SO excited to have made the team that he practically wets himself and then skips every other practice. The kid whose favorite part of the game is juice and fruit at the end. The kid who, when someone passes him the ball, runs like mad, scores a glorious goal on his own goalie, and is so proud of scoring that he does it again. That was fine in AYSO. Not so much now.I don't like Fleury. He's giving me a sad face.