Thursday, May 23, 2013

Some stats on the Pens, just because

By Finesse

Before the Internet, when the Pens had a bad period or game you only had a few options: take a walk, sit on the toilet and play Tetris, or drink profusely before passing out and calling into a sports talk radio show the next morning.  But now when the Pens play, it's so easy to vent on Twitter, text message, or even the arguably pointless period-by-period recaps we've been doing.  The ability to react to everything means that the forest often gets lost in the trees.  With the Pens up 3-1 on Ottawa, let's look at the forest.  Some interesting Pens stats presented without comment (mostly) after the jump...

The Pens are first in the playoffs in goals per game with 4.10.

The Pens are 9th in goals against per game at 2.6, but three of the teams ahead of them are already eliminated.

The Pens' average goal differential of +1.5 is first in the playoffs by a full half goal (Chicago is second).

The Pens are 7th in team save percentage (.923).

The Pens are 1st in power play goals (12) and power play percentage (28.6%).  They're also first in total power-play opportunities (42).  

The Washington Capitals are second-to-last in total power play opportunities (LOL).

Only 1 team remaining (Chicago) has given up fewer power-play goals against than the Pens (4).  The Rangers have also given up only 4.  

The Pens have given up the most shorthanded goals against (3). 

The Pens have 2 shorthanded goals.  Only Ottawa (naturally) has more (3).  

Of the teams remaining, only Chicago (100%) has a better PK% than the Pens (88.2%).

5 of the top 7 scorers are Penguins (Crosby, Malkin, Letang, Iginla, Dupuis).

Crosby and Dupuis are tied for first in goals scored (7).  

Only Ottawa has been shorthanded more times (40) than the Pens (34).

The Pens have taken the second most minor penalties (45).  Ottawa (51) has taken the most.

The most encouraging one to me is the penalty-kill percentage.

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