Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Show of Support for Malkin: The Geno Shuffle

By Artistry

Evgeni Malkin is down. He had a glaring giveaway in the third period of Tuesday night' Game 4 loss to the Islanders, which led directly to the game-winning goal by John Tavares. Then he lost his head at the final whistle. The city Twitter is in turmoil. So we need to ask ourselves a question. Are we going to leave him there, face down in the mud, languishing? Or are we going to lift him up?

Are we going indulge the panic rising in our chests, or, realizing we have a capable goalie waiting in the wings, stand up and shout: "IF YOU TAKE THE PENS PLAYOFF GOAL TOTALS BY GAME, AND COMPARE THEM TO THE WINNING TEAM'S TOTAL IN EVERY OTHER SERIES, THE PENS WOULD BE 17-4 WITH 5 GAMES GOING TO OVERTIME!"

Easy answer. Here's GTOG's Chief Musical Officer Daniel Marcus with possibly his best work yet: The Geno Shuffle. Shout it to the rooftops.

Big recap coming up. LGP. GTOG.


  1. It's frigging brilliant!

    1. This will be on the Greatest Hits of GTOG album for sure!

  2. It's 5 years later and I still love this rendition!!! Daniel Marcus is a genius!