Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ron Cook Poetry: "Maybe it was all that." A reader submission

Ron Cook Poetry is sweeping the nation.  

Reader Don emailed in this gem from Cook's column yesterday about how well Evgeni Malkin played in Game 1.  Don, you pretty much nailed it.

Cook: Malkin lives up to lofty standards

It says Malkin's talents are extraordinary.
You should have heard the crowd roar for all of the Malkins.
Sometimes, maybe we expect too much.
Malkin was pretty good against the Islanders by comparison, would you not agree?
Maybe it was all that.
There was another question for Malkin about his expectations.
Now is the right time for that.
"I try to play good every game," Malkin said, quietly.
The man usually does.
This one was better than most.
Those of us who watch him should be happy.
He should be happy.

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  1. i have always really enjoyed ron cook poetry