Friday, May 17, 2013

PODCAST: Pens win, 4-3; Crosby takes charge

Harder than it needed to be, but a huge win in Game 2.  Sidney Crosby owned their whole team.

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  1. Careful, boys - you're starting to show your Yinzer side. :)

    Seriously, though, I think you are a bit dismissive of what the Pens have done this series. I do think we probably played the second best team in the East last series - and got through it.

    I also think the Pens are starting to show me what I've been looking for. The Cup team in 09 walked into the playoffs already firing on all cylinders and fully constituted. I agree that it felt different - for that reason. (That and the first two rounds were against their most bitter rivals: impossible for the team or fans to match that level of hate with the Isles and Sens.)

    Let's remember that this team played its first game as a full group in, what? Game 3 or 4 of last series, when Neal came back? Anyone who watches knows that they have more than they even gave last night - that they are trying to find that fully developed identity. They are in the process of growing into a team. And I think they made big steps in that direction in these last two games. Finally. I'll forgive them the few big defensive lapses that they made last night, given what they did with the puck: those will diminish as everything becomes more natural. I guess what I'm saying is that the process we are watching right now would normally happen in Feb. The more this team starts rolling, the more it will feel right.

    And please, dear god, let's hope DB takes Derek Engelland off the ice.

    1. One reason I think it feels different is that we are VERY heavy favorites this time around.

      In 2009 the Pens were dogshit until Valentine's Day. We were ascendant coming into the playoffs, but not nearly as heavily favorited as we are now. Yes, we played rivals, but those rivals were also tied (PHI) or better (WSH) than us in the regular season. Plus Boston had 116 points that year.

      This year anything short of getting to the Cup finals is a disappointment. It would have been a disappointment in 2009, too. But not the same as it would be if we went out early this year.

      It's probably because the Pens are such heavy favorites that we have a less-than-jubilant tone when discussing them. We expect the Pens to win every game (even though we know that's unrealistic), so when the Pens win it's like, "ok we won, now how can we be even better next time."

      It's not better or worse than 2009. Just different.

      Still nothing like the NHL playoffs, though.