Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Pens-Bruins preview podcast: Oozing with analysis, emotion, and predictions

It's our Pens-Bruins Eastern Conference Finals preview podcast.  How does the long delay affect the series? Which Bruin do you fear the most? What's the deal with the Tortorella firing? All that, our predictions, and so much more. It's the GTOG Podcast.

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  1. Boston fan here. I'm having some real difficulty digesting your have a great knowledge of hockey and seem to concede some points in Boston's favor, but then you discuss finals matchups like this is forgone conclusion. You're hubris in writing off the Bs is laughable.

    You're discounting of Boston's 4th line is unwarranted. They will absolutely out-physical and surprise the Pens' 4th line. We roll 4 lines, and our 4th has been the most productive in the league.

    Rask is head and shoulders above either of your goalies. He doesn't get flustered. Voukun is untested in the playoffs and playing over his head. Fleury is over the hill.

    As far as Chara being a non-issue, you are whistling past the graveyard. Crosby is transcendent, and probably twice as quick as him, but Chara has a nine foot reach with his stick. He'll let the Pens rush and then just poke away the puck which disrupts the speed game of your 1st line and leads to rushes going the other way.

    And you didn't even mention Lucic...which Pens' defenseman is going to keep him away from the front of the net? Your goalies can't handle an attack which features Bs camped out there.

    Pens are a better team, but not by much. We massively outplayed you in 6 of the 9 periods we played against you this year and lost by one goal in each because we sat back in the 3rd period. Playoff hockey is a different sport and that won't happen in this series.

    The real determiner of who wins will be power plays. If the refs call it ticky tacky, Pens will probably win. If they swallow their whistles and let both teams play like men, B's win.

    I think the Pens win the first two in a big fashion, Pittsburgh fans start patting themselves on the back, and then the Bs find their groove and take it in 7.

    Good luck. You can't keep both Letang, and Malkin next year so this is your best shot.

    1. Good to get all this in writing. Particularly the part about the Pens' alleged lack of toughness. Dr. Crankshaft will see you now. Best of luck.

    2. Boston,

      How pitiful is it that you have to go all the way down to the 4th line to find any advantage the Bruins have over the Pens? If Boston's 4th line is so great, then why aren't they the 1st or 2nd line for Boston?

      Rask is not head and shoulders above the Penguins goalies. I am not sure what you are basing this theory on, but it surely isn't statistically supported. Didn't Rask give up 6 goals to the pitiful Sabres in a game this year?

      I would also like to point out that Malkin missed every Bos-Pit matchup during the regular season when the Bruins allegedly "massively outplayed the Penguins for 6-9 periods." Malkin is going to absolutely light up Rask. Then, for good measure, Malkin is going to take Chara's mother out to a nice steak dinner and never call her again.