Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Raw Emotion Podcast: What an abomination. Pens humiliated, 6-4

How much is on Fleury? How much is on Bylsma?  How much is on Malkin?  Is there enough blame to go around?  Is it possible that every player is more than 100% responsible for this loss?

It's an emotional time to be a Pens fan.  Experience it with the GTOG Podcast, recorded live in the wake of the Pens' terrible 6-4 loss.

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  1. still too much emotion on my end to sort out. i'm just so sick and tired of this familiar playoff story. and the worst part is, there's just no emotion at any level from the Pens. they have been absolutely abominable and there's no accountability. giving vokoun a shot is the right move, but it's only a token effort. every disgraceful loss all you hear from HCDB is "we're going to regroup and adjust next game" or some other dry, meaningless crap. call these guys out. they should be ashamed, and they should be angry, but they're not. changing goalies doesn't make you win races to the puck. changing goalies doesn't make you win battles along the boards. changing goalies doesn't make you smarter passers. changing goalies doesn't make you stop taking idiotic penalties (and it doesn't stop the refs from calling idiotic penalties, unfortunately). i want to see some freaking grit. we're so soff right now, mentally and physically. every player on that team needs to hold himself personally accountable and they need to have an honest discussion about why they suck. they suck. this team is an embarrassment to the city of pittsburgh right now and that's just unacceptable. in the immortal words of peter finch, "Things have got to change. But first, you've gotta get mad!"

    1. Randy, you need a podcast to get this emotion out. There's just so much of it. We love it.