Sunday, May 19, 2013

Podcast: Disgusting loss; Pens fall, 2-1 in double OT

Just a ridiculous game to lose on every level. Experience it all over again with the GTOG Podcast.

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  1. It really is a disgusting loss... Give up a SHG like that...
    But Letang is not the one to blame on that play, Martin was the one who messed it up. Letang clearly is playing the right side, when Martin inexplicably decides to take Letang's side, and pressure the boards, instead of protecting the net. That opens the way for Alfie, and leaves Letang in no man's land... You can see Letang being mad at Martin after the goal, he goes talk to Orpik in the bench as well. My guess is that because he is used to play the right side as well, he kinda just reacted, without thinking.
    Malkin had 2 players to cover, as Kunitz just kinda decided to hang out by the blue line.
    You gotta wonder why Malkin was on the ice at that time... You either go with you top guns, and try to control the puck in their zone, or you put your grinders to defend... Don't expect Malkin to play like a grinder...
    It was a series of split second decisions after Martin's terrible play, and Malkin and Letang didn't react fast enough.

    1. There's so much blame to spread around. It's easy to get on Letang for it because he was closest to the puck when they scored, but you're right, he's hardly alone. Coaches can't be let off the hook either. Everyone lost their attention to detail at the same time. Terrible.