Sunday, May 19, 2013

First Period Recap: "Storm" Weathered; Pens-Sens scoreless

About 4 minutes into the game, Brian Engblom said that the Senators were off to a really strong start.  Then Paul McLean echoed that a few minutes later.  What were they talking about?  Pens didn't score but looked as good as they have all postseason.

Sutter had an historically soft play in the neutral zone and failed to bury a great chance, but did a great job getting in the shooting lanes on the Glass PK.

Speaking of Glass, no reason for him to be playing over Jokinen assuming Jokinen is healthy.

Letang and The Prime Minister operating at their highest levels of the season.

Pens on the PP to start the second.  If the Pens are who we think they are, they start putting the Senators to sleep.

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  1. The commentating has been atrocious this series. At one point they referred to Sutter as "a great centerman" or something equally wrong.