Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Breaking up with MAF, and our favorite Fleury stat from Game 4

By Finesse (follow me on Twitter)

It's official that Tomas Vokoun will be replacing Marc-Andre Fleury in Game 5 Thursday night in Pittsburgh. All this confirms is that Dan Bylsma watched Games 2, 3 and 4.

But before we move on from Fleury and go all-in with Vokoun, here's one final statistic from Tuesday's night's 6-4 loss on the Island.

As you are no doubt aware, the Islanders scored two goals last night on "shots" that were not actually on goal, in that they would not have gone in the net had Fleury not put them in the net.

Overall, the Islanders had 12 shot attempts miss the net at even strength.

If you take the two "shots" that Fleury scored on himself and add them to the 12 "missed shots" the Isles had at even strength, Marc-Andre Fleury's save percentage at even strength on shots that missed the net was .857.

A final thought on Flower. We really like the guy and genuinely feel bad for him. We're not the type of Pens fans who would rather be right than see the team win.  Nothing would make us happier than Flower regaining his mojo and leading the Pens to the Cup before turning to the camera and giving the entirety of GTOG Nation the finger. It's a sad day and in many ways it feels like a breakup. We still love him. We just need some time apart.


  1. Terrible feeling like I am gonna look back on this post 4 years from now when Flower is a back up in Winnipeg and be real sad.

  2. Flower is 14-16 in the postseason since 2009. The feeling when he starts in the playoffs is this: hopefully he wins but at some point he'll let in at least one soft goal. Which in the playoffs is an awful feeling and an awful goaltender to believe in that he'll get you far. As for Vokoun, THIS is why Shero brought him in. Because since 2009, the Pens have been AWFUL in the playoffs going only as far as the 2nd round. Even Shero didn't have faith that Flower could do take us to the promised land by himself. Yet other Cup goaltenders have.

    Anyway, here are my telling stats:
    No #1 seed team from the East has gotten to the finals since 2004 (TB Lightning)
    Pens have a history of losing to #8 seeds (see 2010)

    Sid = SI Cover Curse

  3. Seeing as the whole of Yinzer Nation is so forlorn and disgusted - I have decided to brighten up the place: Lest we forget, Nabby has a 4.56 GAA and .846 save percentage in the series. The Pens have scored almost at will - despite playing hockey as bad as I've seen, well, since last playoffs. One would think they couldn't possibly be worse. Not to mention - the Isles seem very, very proud of themselves - although they are playing defense perhaps worse than the Pens. If Vokoun gives us even average goaltending tomorrow - the game could look very different than the last couple.

  4. What a photoshop.

    -The photoshopper