Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Trade Deadline Update: When Twitter decided it was smarter than Ray Shero

By Artistry

So Ray Shero just trolled the whole league again by trading the most conditional draft choice ever for the ever-versatile and always punctual Jussi Jokinen. Read this for our take on the deal.

While getting a pedicure.
Even still, another narrative emerged on Twitter today, this one implying that San Jose GM Doug Wilson somehow outmaneuvered Shero by selling the Penguins Douglas Murray for two 2nd-round picks. You see, Wilson turned around today and acquired Scott Hannan from Nashville for a single conditional late round pick. Here's a sample of the ensuing reaction:

You guys are totally right and so much smarter than poor Ray Shero. Hannan and Murray must be the same player, because they are around the same age and maybe are closely ranked in advanced stats, or something. Here was Shero, shelling out two high picks for Crankshaft, when he could have gotten THE SAME GUY from the Predators at a bargain basement price. So stupid, Ray Shero. If only he had some insight into the Nashville organization. If only he had some relationship with Predators' management, whereby he might have learned whether a deal for Hannan made any sense. IF ONLY HE WERE BASICALLY BEST FRIENDS WITH NASHVILLE GM DAVID POILE.

Ray Shero and David Poile
Oh well, looks like Doug Wilson got us this time.


  1. It seems like the Murray deal could end up being a trade that ... wait for it ... works out for both teams!

    Wait. What am I thinking? There must always be a winner and there must always be a loser in every trade.

  2. So yeah- they're the same player. Let's ignore the couple of inches and 50 lbs. Murray has on Hannan. Let's ignore that Hannan sucked way back when he was on the Caps and that the Pens were looking for a specific skill set in Murray. Let's also ignore that Shero pretty much decided the moves of his most obvious threat in the East - and solidified the decision of Jerome Iginla - because he made his early trades. No matter.

    As far as the Jokinen deal - it makes a couple of things clear:

    1) Shero is a masterful GM. It isn't just that he got us Iginla, Morrow, Murray, and Jokinen for, all told, a first, 2 seconds, a sixth, 2 future career AHLers, and Joe Morrow (while turning a fifth into a third)- only two of which likely have any value.

    I think it is his relationship with other GMs that really impresses me. You think Rutherford couldn't have gotten another team to bite on that same deal for Jokinen (maybe one that wouldn't have been divisional opponent next year)? Pens got him because both GMs walked away happy from the Jordan Staal deal. He clearly has a great relationship with Nashville and Dallas (despite fleecing them in the Neal deal). And if giving up two 2nds gets him not only the guy he wanted but also some good will from San Jose - then that only helps down the road.

    2) Matt Cooke won't be a Pen next year. I'm fine with that - Duper is the one UFA/RFA that I want to keep.

    3) Let's say it together: no more Tanner Glass!