Monday, April 8, 2013

Sidney Crosby is alive; James Neal is concussed

On the same day we reiterated our desire to finally get the Crosby update we were promised last week, Sid himself spoke to the media after Pens' practice today (he didn't practice).  The good news is that other than his mouth looking like a war zone, he seemed normal and definitely not concussed.  He's still only eating shakes and hasn't heard from doctors about a timetable.  If there's one thing Sidney Crosby hates, it's giving timetables.  He probably asks girls out by saying, "let's meet up" but never telling them where or when.

Here he is.

The bad news is that James Neal has a concussion and is not joining the team on the upcoming 3-game road trip.

Iginla time.


  1. To use the vulgate: fuck.

  2. I think that Neal being out should bother me, but part of me is relieved. He's been spending a lot of time serving stupid penalties, and that's really not beneficial for the Pens right now.

    1. Better solution to that problem would be for him to stop taking penalties not get a concussion, though your point is taken.