Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Not Done Yet: Pens Snag Jussi Jokinen from Carolina

By Artistry

During the course of getting a pedicure during his spa day on Wednesday, Ray Shero paused to deal the most conditional pick ever to Carolina for Jussi Jokinen.

You may wonder why the Pens did this, particularly given that Jokinen was just on waivers like a week ago and there is no shootout in the playoffs. Stop wondering. Here are the answers:

* He wins 59.4% of his faceoffs
* He can kill penalties
* He's versatile
* He is highly skilled. He's known for the shootout stuff, but did you know he scored 30 goals as recently as 2009-10?
* Carolina is reportedly eating some of his $3 million salary. Under the new CBA, the Canes can also keep up to 50% of his cap hit on their books (Thanks to Finesse for the quick research).
* If all else fails, remember the Pens have a buyout option this summer as well under the CBA.

The Penguins are deeper today than they were yesterday. How much deeper? Not sure exactly why the 30-year-old Jokinen was on waivers, but ask yourself, how many 4th line centers have a highlight reel like this one?

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