Wednesday, April 17, 2013

LIVE Tonight: The Debut of GTOG Radio

Welcome to GTOG Radio.

Tonight after the Pens-Canadiens game, we will be broadcasting LIVE with our reaction to the game, our emotions generally, and maybe even some sound-checks to make sure we're doing it right.  Our first ever LIVE episode of GTOG Radio will also be recorded and later published as a podcast.

Our hope is that we will go LIVE after every playoff game, win or lose.  If you're listening and have anything you want us to add or ask, send a tweet to @GetToOurGame

To listen LIVE tonight after the game:  Click here to go to our Spreaker page

For the future: Make sure to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes

If you use some other RSS player, here's the feed link to subscribe


  1. until next time.............. GTOG

  2. i have an early appointment in the morning so i won't be able to listen in, sadly. but i hope a sufficient amount of time will be dedicated to how brenden morrow is basically hercules on ice - half man, half god.