Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our apology for Dan Steinberg's lies about the Washington Capitals

By Finesse (follow me on Twitter)

We trusted you, Dan Steinberg.

On March 19th we had Dan Steinberg of the Washington Post's DC Sports Bog on our podcast to discuss a range of issues.  Little did we know that he would use the platform to spread his lies and slander about the Washington Capitals and the team's owner, Ted Leonsis.  His web of deceit was exposed last night after the Capitals clinched the Southeast Division with a 5-3 win over the aggressively mediocre Winnipeg Jets, so Steinberg apologized on his blog this morning for being wrong about predicting that the Caps wouldn't make the playoffs.

Oh, that's rich.

How do you think we feel, Dan?  You used us and our substantial influence in the podcasting world to spread your propaganda, advance your anti-truth agenda, and wage your personal war against Ted Leonsis.  We opened our Google + accounts to you, gave you our real names, and even let you see our faces while we stared deep into the recesses of your ear as you for some reason felt compelled to lean forward at a 90-degree angle and press your mouth directly up against your phone's microphone (yet it was still difficult to hear you).

Your so-called "apology" to an entity unknown for your vicious untruths will never be enough, Dan.

All we can do while we try to pick up the pieces is apologize to our fans for letting this deviant on our podcast (which you can listen to below) to preach irresponsibly about how he thought a team that was 12-16-1 might not make the playoffs.  We never should have exposed you to this monster.  For that, we were wrong.  And for that, we're sorry.

(Also, Dan, let us know if you ever want to come back on to formally apologize and then Tweet out the link to that podcast like 50 times the next day to get more people to listen. Thanks!)

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