Sunday, March 31, 2013

Thanks a lot, Jesus; Crosby, Martin injuries suck joy out of everything

By Artistry (follow me on Twitter)

WTF, Jesus. SOME EASTER. And your hands aren't clean either this Passover, Yahweh. Sorry, no offense to anybody. Not blaming anybody except Brooks Orpik - this is no one's fault. It just all feels very fresh right now, very raw. Right as we're basking in the excitement of Jarome Iginla's debut with the Penguins and a potentially record-breaking winning streak, this happens.

What an awful, awful break for Sidney Crosby, who is out indefinitely with a broken jaw. Just sickening, as he had the Hart and Art Ross Trophies, to say nothing of the league itself, by the throat. Can he make it back by the playoffs? No one knows, but Google says the average recovery time for this injury is 6-8 weeks. My mind goes immediately to 1991, when Paul Coffey took a puck to the face in Game 1 of a second round series against the Capitals. He had surgery, missed 10 games, and showed up at less than full capacity in the Stanley Cup Finals, looking like this and not doing much:

Make no mistake, this is a really, really bad development. And Paul Martin missing 6 weeks (including the first round of the playoffs) with a broken wrist may be an even bigger setback for this team. They've got high end forward depth - not so much on the back end. Kris Letang better get healthy.

Sufficiently devastated? OK, the good news after the jump....


Sidney Crosby's regular season is over. Paul Martin's regular season is over. So there's good news?

Well, yes. Here is the good news. The Penguins are still one of the top two teams in the East without either player. They can beat anybody. They just pitched three shutouts in a row in the midst of significant roster turnover, untimely injuries, and the Jarome Iginla media circus. They are essentially entrenched as a top seed. If Dan Bylsma chooses, he can leave the Malkin and Sutter lines alone and simply slot Dustin Jeffrey between Kunitz and Dupuis, thus ensuring as little disruption to the forward lines as possible. When Sid does come back, it won't be with a cloud of uncertainty over another concussion.

The onus is on Malkin now, and we don't need to belabor the fact that he's risen to almost unparalleled  heights in Sid's absence before. And if Ray Shero is worried at all about the defense, it may have escaped notice amidst all the hullabaloo, but the trade deadline is still three days away and he has cash in hand. Everything will be OK.

Also, Crankshaft.


  1. All of this beyond sucks.

    I'm still a little concerned about Fleury as well, to be honest. He still hasn't been in a game since he got hit. When I see him play a couple of games at the level he was, I'll feel a bit better about everything.

    Perhaps I'll be proven wrong - but of all the injuries I feel like Martin's has the most potential to really impact his play.

    I've never had my jaw broken - but I assume that Sid will be able to work out without too many limitations before too very long. Stay in shape - better chance he looks like himself when he returns, whenever that is. Though I guess that assumes he'll be able to eat.

    In any case, the article I read said 4-6 weeks, like with any bone, and I'm damn determined to be optimistic. I'm also going to latch irrationally to the news that Martin didn't need any wires/screws and Sid's jaw wasn't wired shut. I'm also going to hang onto the hope that this team is good enough to make it through round 1 - and will then get rested reinforcements. And Geno's had plenty of down time, so hopefully he can step up without getting drained.

    And as a side note - if I ever see those ugly-ass, cursed blue uniforms again - I might lose it.

  2. it's all just sickening. like GTOG i'm putting my faith in Malkin and the viking defenseman.

  3. There's absolutely nothing positive to make of this jaw situation, but the only way to spin positively is to consider the team that's still left. Basically what happened is that Sid got hurt and the Pens called Jarome Iginla up from the minors. That's a lot better than Jeff Smith or whoever that guy was who played a few games ago.

    As much as Malkin will have to step up -- and I give him Da Onus above anyone else -- Brandon Sutter is going to have to be more of a factor for 60 minutes now rather than just having big moments.

    I also would not have a problem with Kunitz getting a lot of time with Malkin to help him keep pace with Stamkos for the Art Ross. I understand that might be meaningless, and it might harm the team. But come on. CHRIS KUNITZ MIGHT WIN THE SCORING TITLE.