Friday, March 1, 2013

Pens Lose; GTOG - or most of it - takes flight to Montreal

By Artistry 

The Pens delivered a real stinker Thursday night in a 4-1 loss to Carolina. The only positive moment of note was a delicious snipe off the blade of Chris Kunitz.

No matter, I told myself. Today the GTOG Executive Team (me, Finesse, Poise, and Chief Technology Officer Eloquence) would set a course for Montreal.  This has been planned for months.  As soon as we saw a Saturday night road game against the Habs on the schedule, we booked a hotel, bought tickets to the game, and began to prepare ourselves for perhaps the biggest weekend in website history, if not the history of the Internet. Late last night, I reminded everyone to bring their passport. Then I looked at mine. It expired in May 2012. 

I explored every avenue to expedite a new passport, failed, went through the five stages of grief, got enormous support from everybody in my hour of despair, and then, after like a two-hour grace period, Finesse started making fun of me. 

 As it should be. Anyway, should be a great weekend of live coverage from the boys in Montreal. Stay tuned. GTOG. LGP.


  1. This is genuinely heartbreaking.

    1. All the more so because I am in bed right now watching "Game Change" on HBO.