Sunday, March 24, 2013

Pens look to go up 23 points on Flyers; how embarrassing for them

By Artistry 

The lights are almost out in Philadelphia. The Flyers have like an 8.1% chance of making the playoffs. Danny Briere is a scratch tonight. People are talking about bringing back Jaromir Jagr at the trade deadline, as if that's the key to elevating Claude Giroux to the rarefied level he reached for like 8 days that one time.

Sid is also twice as good with a mustache.
But Letang and Malkin are out again with lingering injuries. There are a few cracks showing in this thinned-out Pens lineup. And the streak has to end sometime. I'm going to the game later, and I'm telling you right now, that's a bad sign. Still, something tells me Fleury puts a stake in Scott Hartnell's hair tonight.

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