Monday, March 25, 2013

Pens acquire Douglas Murray from Sharks for two second-round picks; he once almost killed Alexej Morozov

By GTOG Staff

The Pens are going for it.  Per everyone on Twitter, they've acquired 6'3, 240lb defenseman Douglas Murray from the San Jose Sharks for a 2nd and 3rd round draft pick (the 3rd becomes another 2nd if the Pens advance past the second round of the playoffs).

If all you know about Murray is he dated Tiger Woods' ex, let us fill you in: he's a guy that we've watched for a while and thought to ourselves, "The Pens would be better if we had some of the beast-like defensemen in San Jose." He's gigantic and has played a lot of minutes (17 minutes a game this year) on a team that's been good the last seven years.  This is exactly what we've been advocating for: a crease-clearing monster who will be the yin to Letang/Niskanen/Martin's yang.

Look at this f-ing guy.
He also once nearly killed Alexei Morozov when he was playing for Sweden in the 2008 IHF World Championships.



  1. Well- can't say GMRS didn't go out and get the hulk for the back end everybody was clamoring for. All in, baby.

    Incidentally, I found this from the Citizen's Voice pretty fascinating. The win-now mentality aside - can't say that these quotes make me think Shero made the wrong move. From Bombulie at the CV:

    "One last note on the Morrow-for-Morrow deal I found very interesting. It’s clear the Penguins have been trying to completely retool Joe Morrow’s defensive-zone game all season long. It’s very telling to see how Morrow described that process in a quote on the Dallas Stars team website …

    'I definitely struggled the first half of the season trying to find my place and find positives in what I was doing. They nitpicked my game so hard in the defensive zone that I had to change a lot of things.'

    … versus how Hynes described the process after practice today:

    'I’d say the details of his game are important. As a young guy, that’s what he’s got to learn. The details make the difference. Stick in the air versus a stick on puck is the difference between a turnover and not.'

    One man’s nitpicking is another man’s attention to detail, I guess."

    1. Great find. Do you have the link?

    2. That would have been nice, huh. :)

  2. Not a big fan of the Brenden Morrow deal, unless Joe Morrow straight up stinks. Having a ton of defensive prospects makes it okay to trade them. The Penguins should _absolutely_ be looking to make deals to fill holes with their assets. However, undervaluing an asset you're selling while simultaneously overvaluing the asset you're buying is horrible.

    Regarding the Murray deal, is this guy just really Hal Gill 2.0? I hear he is slower than Craig Adams, which I previously thought was scientifically impossible. I don't mind the deal because we gave only gave up 2nd round picks.

    1. The question isn't whether Joe Morrow will or won't be good. It's whether Brenden Morrow helps us win the Cup this year. Joe Morrow has been in the AHL (struggling). Brenden can help the team. Even if Joe turns out to be good, the Pens "win" this trade if Brenden helps them get closer to the Cup.