Thursday, March 7, 2013

GTOG Instant Reaction: Best Player in the World; Pens Stun Flyers, 5-4

Things looked grim early. Hartnell and Simmonds were in Fleury's kitchen. Giroux was smirking. Fleury was leaking. Then the Penguins came out in the second period and just took it.

Crosby was absolutely possessed. When he wasn't stick handling with his butt end and fending off three defenders, he was flinging delicate saucer passes all over the rink. Geno was galloping. Chris Kunitz was serving notice that our focus at the trade deadline should be on defensemen and depth forwards only. Beau Bennett was grabbing a top 6 role by the throat. And Tomas Vokoun reminded us of the power of being still.

Playing the Flyers always highlights our flaws as well as our strengths - not sure how you let Giroux walk in with a wide open look late in the third - but tonight, our strengths were glorious.

"I slashed your wrists. Now I'm going to take your heart."

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  1. long time pens fan, but sadly like recent years the pens don't have a chance of getting out of the first or 2nd round (at least with the defense and goalies that they have on the roster now). look at the last 3 years of playoff losses in the first and second rounds: canadiens, lightning and flyers.

    so much power, such sad results.