Monday, February 4, 2013

Doubling Down on the Raw Emotion Podcast ... TUESDAY NIGHT

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As we’ve discussed on our Raw Emotion Podcasts, this year of The Bachelor has been all about doubling down on the formula because, after all, the formula works. So that’s why ABC decided to double down on The Bachelor this week with not two but FOUR HOURS of Bacheloring. Who exactly was demanding this?

Our Raw Emotion Podcast is going down Tuesday night and will include new Big Kibitz theme music. It’s going to be huge.

In the meantime, download our Bachelor Viewing Guide. It will be the second best decision you ever make. The best will be downloading it, then telling a friend to download it. It’s free, and you will like it.

Hearing good things about internet cats.

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  1. To continue my conversation from twitter, because I hate trying to think in 140 characters, it was really the rose ceremony last night that made me think they're burning episodes. I had assumed going in that this was a drama-filled week and they felt they had to give us four hours of it (truth of that would be debatable) with a rose ceremony tomorrow. Instead, it was a self-contained episode and presumably will be again tomorrow...

    So that makes me think that they were not intended to air back-to-back nights; they were just supposed to be two regular Monday episodes.

    Laura mentioned the Apt. 23 space, but don't networks usually fill kind of space temporarily with re-runs or something, not rearranging what's supposed to be a flagship show?

    Of course, this is all pure speculation. But I do love to speculate about dumb things.