Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Top 10 Things My Mother-in-Law Said During The Bachelor

By Artistry

Here, with no context whatsoever, are the top 10, OK, the only 10 things my mother-in-law said during Episode 3 of The Bachelor:

10. "Look where they put these people."

9. "Political consultant: what does that mean?"

8. "Where are they? They're in California? No. Where are they?"

7. "What do you think about Harrison getting a divorce?"

6. "So what's a political consultant?"

This is a political consultant.
5. "That's right. It's amazing."

4. "Not a bad body. He's in good proportion."

3. "Nah. There's nothing between these two."

2. "That's why she wasn't picked the first time. Oh, you idiot. You lost it kiddo."

And the number one thing my mother-in-law said during Episode 3 of The Bachelor is:

1. "I don't understand. You recorded it? You don't have to watch the commercials? What night is it? What night is it on? You recorded it? OK."

Thank you all for your patience as Finesse gets this whole Japan phase out of his system. We're on track for a Wednesday night Raw Emotion Podcast full of a lot of pent up feelings.

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  1. aren't they making a movie about finesse's trip where he's portrayed by hugh jackman and referred to as The Wolverine?