Monday, January 28, 2013

Raw Emotion Podcast: Bachelor Episode 4 Recap

Before you listen to the podcast, make sure to download The Official Get To Our Game Bachelor Viewing Guide. Whenever we describe a move on The Bachelor or Bachelorette as textbook, THIS IS THE TEXTBOOK.  Quick note -- we are circulating the Guide through both GTOG and our spin-off entertainment site, Moving forward, that will be the best way to read all entertainment-related posts. Here’s how to download: 

If you have an iPad: While on your iPad, click here. That will take you to the Guide’s page in the iBook Store. The Guide is free. You can also just search for "Get To Our Game" in the iBooks Store. 

If you don’t have an iPad: You can still capture about 99% of the wisdom by reading the book as a PDF. You can read it by clicking here: GTOG Official Bachelor Viewing Guide PDF.

Now the podcast.  It's Episode 4 and that means feelings are getting real, and emotions are getting raw.

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