Wednesday, October 24, 2012

No! Please don't cancel the...OK fine, cancel the Winter Classic

By Artistry

Shrewd negotiator, awkward public speaker, and killer of seasons Gary Bettman noted on Wednesday that even if the league strikes a deal with the NHLPA before the New Year, the NHL may be forced to cancel the winter classic.

Good heavens. Perish the thought. Now what will people not watch while they're watching football?  Can we just take a second and remember what the Winter Classic looks like?

That's what the Winter Classic looks like. YOU CAN BARELY SEE IT. Sure, it's magical to watch Mario lead Penguin alumni around an outdoor rink like he's a tuque-wearing camp counselor. We get that.

OK, this is awesome.
But let's not forget that hockey was better before the Winter Classic. Like in the early 90's, when we had scoring, there were historically great teams, activist referees, and Gary Bettman wasn't commissioner.

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