Tuesday, October 30, 2012

GTOPG: This one's for the kid with hypothermia sitting next to me at the game; Steelers Win, 27-12

By Artistry

Do you know why the NFL is the most popular sports league in America?  It's not because it's not baseball, though that helps.  It's not because it's not the NHL, which is more dysfunctional than the Lohan family.  It's not because when we write about the NBA, we're totally joking.  Here's why the NFL is the most popular league in America: you can stay home and watch it on TV and you're not missing anything.  In fact, it's better!  You can see more stuff, you feel comfortable having your kids with you, you don't have to pee in a trough while touching elbows with men wearing helmets and war paint, you're probably the only angry drunk person in the room.  I could keep going.  And if you, like me, went to Heinz Field for the game against the Redskins on Sunday, I'm betting you found yourself thinking some of the same thoughts when you finally got to your cold, wet seat like 10 minutes into the first quarter. Don't even get me started about how these days it takes an hour just to get into the stadium because a bunch of teenagers with electric wands are taking their sweet time scanning your innocent, poncho-wearing ass.  DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED.  I sat down, looked to my left, and saw a young kid wrapped in a raincoat in what looked to be a catatonic state.  He wasn't having any fun.  He wasn't even moving.  Conditions were not perfect.

I think I peed next to him.
Still, it's not every hurricane-warning Sunday that you get to see Robert Griffin III Jonathan Dwyer play live. Some thoughts on the Steelers, after the jump... 

- We'll give the Steelers credit for bottling up RGIII, but let's not get carried away. His receivers dropped no fewer that 10 passes, at least two in the end zone. Then Griffin overthrew his tight end who is not Chris Cooley when the guy was sprinting wide open down the sideline. The Steelers are who we thought they were:  they have a defense that's managed 12 sacks and 3 interceptions in 7 games.  If you have them on your fantasy team, it's really time to consider why you still have them on your fantasy team.  

- This was fun though (via SteelersDepot.com):

- There are also a couple of things about Monday's Ron Cook column that we particularly enjoyed. Ron Cook is really setting the agenda this week. First, this notion that Ben has a few people that tell him things when he needs to know them. Ben believes he is in this way very much like the president - he lives in a bubble, so he must rely on a cadre of close advisors who are not so intimidated that they won't tell it like it is.  Second, the part where Ben says he really wants to get 1,000 yards rushing for his career, even though he is not about the numbers.  The "you know me, I'm usually not into numbers, but" is maybe the most Ben of any Ben-ism. "You know me, [insert something showing Christ-like humility here], but [insert something awesome here]."

- Tuesday, as media outlets across this great nation remind us what it means to cover breaking news, Ron Cook writes about how everybody thought the Steelers defense was old and slow, but that was premature, no wait, they did look old and slow, but no! They aren't old and slow! Don't you see? Everyone jumped the gun, writes Ron Cook. But if they lose to the Giants? Old and slow again. Isn't that something, the way life goes, Ron Cook wonders.  

- Great game by Ben. Totally in command of the men.

- Ryan Clark and Polamalu are likely out next week against the Giants.  Yikes.

- Drew Butler stat line: 3 punts, 152 yards. What a weapon.

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  1. don't go to the games. stop like a block from the stadium and go to mcfadden's. the music is too loud but it's an otherwise great time, especially if the steelers are winning. and i'm not even a steelers fan.