Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Apology We Demand From Roger Goodell Will Never Be Enough

By Finesse

Today, we are all victims of the NFL.  And finally there is someone brave enough to stand up and demand an apology from Roger Goodell.  His name is Dan Wetzel, and he's an expert.

There are those who believe that the ongoing NFL referee debacle is basically a business dispute between two well-funded and well-organized groups who can and will sort this out on their own (hopefully ASAP).  To those people, I say: "How wrong you are.  Now apologize to me for being so wrong."

Why are those people wrong?  Because you are a victim of the NFL referees.  Because I am a victim of the NFL referees.  Because the baby panda was killed by NFL replacement referees.  I lost my fantasy matchup last night by one point because I had Green Bay's defense.  #Neveragain.  I demand that Roger Goodell come to my apartment and apologize to me personally.  I demand the right to reject that apology and then tweet, "It's not enough.  It can never be enough," while ordering a protein smoothie at my gym.

This is about us.  This is about freedom.  This is about us being able to be outraged.  This is about our right to demand apologies from people we don't know for things we don't actually care that much about.

Mitt Romney was right about 47% of the country feeling like victims.  He was just wrong about which 47%.  It's not the people who don't pay federal income tax.  It's people with fantasy teams.

I am the 47%.

Roger can't even look Mei Xiang in the eye and say he's sorry.

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