Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lockout: The Grand NHL Tradition Continues!

By Artistry

No negotiations will take place between the league and the NHLPA on Saturday, meaning the 4th NHL work stoppage in 20 years is a virtual certainty.

Um, what's so funny?
We have major issues with both the players and the owners, and we don't feel like talking about them.  It won't make us feel better, and it won't make you feel better either.  Just one note to the Pittsburgh media:  don't tell us we need to like Gary Bettman because of his efforts to keep the Penguins in Pittsburgh.  It was a f***ing no-brainer to keep the Penguins in Pittsburgh.  You think Kansas City was going to lead the whole f***ing league in local TV ratings?  Gary Bettman is about to preside over his third lockout as commissioner.  Gary Bettman put the NHL in unsustainable markets like Atlanta, Phoenix and Miami.  Gary Bettman sucks.

Gary, gay kaken afen yam
It's Yiddish. Look it up.

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