Thursday, August 23, 2012

GTOG Podcast: Something for Everyone

We're back after our month-long summer vacation with a comprehensive podcast covering everything from the looming NHL Lockout to Steelers' training camp, to Derek Jeter's mom's steroid use. All that, and discussion of a shocking Bachelorette cheating scandal, is in this power-packed GTOG Podcast.

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Not sure why this is happening

Summer Vacation is Over

Sort of.  We'll be back later tonight with a brand new podcast covering every topic imaginable, but the schedule over the next month may still be a little lighter than usual given some non-GTOG responsibilities.  Come the start of hockey season, whenever that is, we'll be back with full coverage and emotion, and we're even kicking around the idea of GTOG Radio.

Be sure to check back later tonight or tomorrow morning for the new podcast.  In the meantime, GTOG Everybody.