Thursday, May 17, 2012

Introducing GTOG's First Annual No Words Essay Contest

By GTOG Staff

Whenever a real tragedy occurs, like a famous person dying, the outpouring of emotion on the internet is overwhelming.  There are so many thoughts and so many prayers.  But above all, there are triumphant declarations from people that there are "no words" to describe how they are feeling, followed immediately and universally by an explanation of why this person has no words.

But "No Words" is not confined just to the tragic...

There are No Words for the trivial...

There are No Words for things that don't make sense...

There are No Words for the cryptic...

And even famous people have No Words

What do all these No Words have in common?  Words.

It is in this timeless tradition of using words to have no words that we are launching our first ever reader contest.  That's right, it's the First Annual GTOG "No Words Essay Contest!"

The rules of the No Words Essay Contest after the jump...

The rules are simple: In 1,000 words or less, tell us about a time that you've had no words.  It can be about anything you want, from the tragic to the trivial.  The only requirement is that you describe in detail how you had no words.  Email us your entries at

Consider answering the following questions: Why didn't you have words?  When you found out you didn't have words, who did you tell?  What did you say?  How did you explain that you had no words? How long was the conversation?  Did you say, "I have no words" or "There are no words"?  What did you say next?   

And feel free to get creative with your entry.  It doesn't have to be a standard essay format; for example, lists always work.  Some ideas could be: 
- 10 reasons I had No Words 
- The next 50 things I said after I had No Words
- 4 score and 7 No Words ago 
- The 5 best seminars I attended about having No Words  
- 50 shades of No Words
- The 5 people I met in heaven who I had No Words for when they died 
We're anticipating some really creative entries, but we will be holding you to a high standard.  Because there really is only one reason to have No Words.

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  1. No Words With Friends for me until i write this essay