Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Flyers fall to Devils; The Best Former Best Player in the World goes home

By Finesse

Because the world we live in is just, the New Jersey Devils eliminated the Philadelphia Flyers last night in Philadelphia with a dominating and suffocating 4-1 victory.  Now we're as aware as anyone that the Flyers eliminated the Penguins this year and that their loss to the Devils doesn't change that.  But it doesn't mean it doesn't feel amazing.

The thing that made the end to this year's Pens' season so much more disappointing than usual was not just that the Pens didn't win the Cup, but that the Flyers were perceived to have taken some grand step forward into being the dominant team in the Eastern Conference for the next several years.  Rob Rossi was trying to be provocative on Twitter by questioning whether he'd rather have the Pens roster or the Flyers roster for the next 10 years but he succeeded only in being annoying.  The Jagr-Talbot moves were portrayed as psychological death blows.  And then Peter Laviolette went all Bruce Boudreau and started declaring that his star was the best player in the world.  How'd that work out, Pete?

The Best Former Best Player in the World
This should all serve as another reminder that premature coronations and premature burials are just that -- premature.  And crowning a guy who registered 14 points against what was a historically atrocious defensive and goal-tending performance by the Penguins as the new Big Man on Campus ... next time, let's actually wait until he accomplishes something, ok?

An exclusive photo gallery of The Best Former Best Player in the World's night in Philly (photos via after the jump...

Here's The Best Player in the World warming up before going to sit in the owner's box.  He goes through a rigorous stretching routine before spending a night patting himself on the back.
Here's The Best Player in the World explaining to Matt Carle what makes him the Best.  "I have the ability to affect the outcome of games, whether I'm on the ice or in the owner's box."
Now officially The Best Former Best Player in the World, here he says "you're welcome" to the Flyer faithful for the 2 goals, 1 assist, zero even strength points, -4 rating, and one suspension he had in the 5-game series against New Jersey
Here The Best Former Best Player in the World explains to his teammates what it was like to be the Best.  "It was like I was in a different world. I was so much greater than all of you. All those goals I scored were such great goals, they had nothing to do with the goalie being terrible."

Here The Best Former Best Player in the World poses for a picture with Daniel Briere.  Briere figures that when he shows this to his grandkids, they won't realize that it was actually taken after The Best Player in the World had become The Best Former Best Player in the World.
Here The Best Former Best Player in the World poses for a picture with Max Talbot, who is explaining what it is like to win a Stanley Cup.  The Best Former Best Player in the World replies, "But you aren't the Best so I don't see the point."
Here The Best Former Best Player in the World pleads with his teammates not to leave the ice.  "I was the Best!!!" he cries.  "I was the Best!!! Don't you remember?!?!?! I was the Best!!!!!"


  1. This is the best.

  2. Hahaha.

    Such a hasty elimination does make you wonder how much of an effect Max Talbot had on the last series: not in terms of his play, but in terms of his knowledge of the Pens systems, esp their penalty killing. The Flyers didn't give him the contract he got for his play.

    Of course, I could name about 20 other (more important) reasons the Pens lost; they just plain old played terribly in so many ways. And obviously all teams spend hours and hours on video. But maybe I underestimated (and the Pens underestimated) how much more can be gleaned from a player that knows every strength, weakness, and intimate detail of what everyone acknowledges are really complicated systems. The Flyers did always just seem to know where the puck was going against the Pens in a way they didn't against the Devils.

  3. The Pens were so bad that it almost seems like the series will end up being some historical anomaly.

    I know I've harped on it a lot, but if Fleury makes even a few more BASIC saves, it's a different series. When the goalie has as little confidence as Flower had, and gives up as many bad goals as Flower did, it can make your entire team look wildly out-coached and out-played. That's not to say that the Flyers didn't out-coach and out-play the Pens --- they definitely did, at times. But it probably looks worse than it actually is when you can't make routine saves. Ask Bryz.

  4. My friend & I argue who is better: Crosby or Giroux? She had me on the ropes last round when Giroux became The Greatest Player in the World. Fortunately doctor Who has corrected this timeline and the Pretender has been exposed! While not all is right with the world, it is better. And for some reason my friend refuses to read this blog post.